Emir J. Habiby

Senior Consultant


Diverse industry experience in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf - include 15 years with the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, New York USA, as Market Research & Development Manager with responsibility for identifying and developing new business and financial products and services. Active in business planning and development, private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia since 1990.

  • Currently STAR Group Holdings Senior Consultant and advisor, with emphasis on the Landmark Group, Nielsen Company, AON, TBWA-Raad, Thomson Reuters, including preparation of suitable business models for Saudi Arabia, and on-going advisory services in respect of business planning and development and operations, reviewing new companies.

  • Riyadh Development Authority, Director of Planning & Management with emphasis on defining the role of the private sector in Riyadh.

  • Saudi Fisheries Company, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, directed the development of deep sea fishing fleet, sea food processing plants, fish and shrimp farming, export marketing.

  • Food Products Company, (1990-1996) established six food processing plants in line with the Kingdoms policy of industry diversification, for Pasta, meat products, breakfast cereals, frozen vegetables, and frozen potatoes and meats.

  • King Faisal Foundation, responsible for new business planning and development with emphasis on education including King Faisal School and Al Faisal University, Harvey Nichols Department Store, King Faisal International Prize.

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